From the fate and the action of a drug in the organism to its practical use by patients

Our research focuses on the pharmacokinetics and the pharmacodynamics of a drug, the interactions between drugs and natural products, the evaluation of pharmaceutical practices in hospitals and community pharmacies and on patient adherence to treatment.

About us

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Our research team works in several domains from more fundamental to more practical ones.

  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology : We study the protection of the vascular endothelial function against different deleterious agents and evaluate the vasodilating and antioxidant activities of natural products.
  • Clinical Pharmacy: We assess the impact of clinical pharmacists on medication reconciliation.
  • Analysis, development and implementation of pharmaceutical services: We are interested in the detection and the resolution of drug-related problems in cancer patients. We evaluate the medication adherence in asthma and COPD and try to identify factors, key steps and necessary changes for optimal implementation of pharmaceutical services in community pharmacies. Other points of interest are the implementation of health screening in community pharmacies and the study of healthcare relationships.


Senior scientists:
Pr. Carine De Vriese (1 ETP)
Pr. Stéphanie Pochet (1 ETP)
Dr Florence Souard (1 ETP)
Pr. Frédéric Cotton (0.2 ETP)
Pr. Hugues Malonne (0.15 ETP)

Post-doctoral fellows and scientific collaborators: 
Dr Mélanie Lelubre 

Expert technician:
Charaf El Khattabi (1 ETP)

PhD students:
Natacha Biset (1 ETP)
Camille Hoornaert (0.5 ETP)
Sarah Rondeaux (1 ETP)
 Audrey Schils (1 ETP)


Pharmacological skills Clinical skills
Isolated organ baths Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies (prospective/retrospective studies)
Biological tests (cytotoxic, antioxidant, ROS production tests, ...)  Pharmacoepidemiology
Cell cultures Online survey
Absorption test  Healthcare database analysis
Molecular biology techniques  Medication adherence measure
Implementation process analysis

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  • Majda Koubaity: Drugs related problems in Belgium: from the community pharmacies to the hospital; State of the situation and impact: 2019
  • Mélanie Lelubre: Implementation study of professional pharmacy services in community pharmacies (co-tutelle avec l'Université de Genève): 2018
  • Nathalie Labranche: Les effets des microparticules diesel sur la fonction vasculaire : Décembre 2016
  • Francine Nsuadi Manga: Activités vasculaires et antioxydantes d'espèces des genres Combretum et Hymenocardia, plantes présumées antihypertensives à Kinshasa et dans le Bas-Congo: Mai 2013

Pr. Stéphanie Pochet :
Pr. Carine De Vriese  :

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