Research Department Pharmacotherapy and Galenic Pharmacy (DPP)

Therapeutic Chemistry (CPO)


Research activities

The development of dry powders for inhalation (DPIs) to combat different diseases (e.g. lung tumors, infectious diseases, asthma and COPD), and that with different kind of drugs (e.g. poorly water soluble or water soluble drugs; conventional or from biotechnologies), with optimal aerodynamic performance, lung retention and eventually increased cell or tumor penetration.

Therefore, we evaluate our formulations in vitro on culture cells and in vivo on preclinical models. We develop also nasal formulation for the nose to brain delivery of nucleic acids (e.g. siRNA) or peptide and proteins that we evaluate in vitro on epithelial cell membrane and in vivo by histology and on preclinical models.

Finally, we have focused on cancer targeting by localizing the administration (inhalation against lung cancer; nose to brain against glioblastoma), and/or by targeting tumor tissue or tumor cells (e.g. via endocytosis receptors).

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